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Blue Apron Finally Launches Its Own Podcast With Help From Gimlet Media

This is Gimlet Media’s sixth branded podcast created by Gimlet Creative. Other brands like Microsoft, eBay and Tinder have produced their own bespoke series. Each podcast is related to the brand thematically but by design doesn’t include heavy-handed references back to the sponsor.

“At Gimlet, we won’t make a podcast that’s just a 25-minute advertisement,” Harlow said. “The brands we work with know that’s not advantageous because people won’t listen to it.”


Microsoft Launches New Branded Podcast On How The Future Of Tech Is Decided Today

“A lot of people are intimidated by the speed at which technology is changing our lives. Microsoft’s goal was to shift the perceptions of emerging technology from scary and unknown into a tool that can bring about positive change,” says Harlow. “We decided the best way to do that was to look at the future through the lens of choice. The future isn’t some inevitable, sci-fi movie waiting to happen. It’s the result of the choices we — both individually and collectively — are making every day.”

The new show marks the second branded pod launch for Gimlet Creative in the last few months, with Virgin Atlantic’s The Venture premiering back in April. As branded content goes, there is a challenge overcoming the leap of faith listeners must take to actually check out and subscribe to a podcast produced by a brand. But Harlow says with that also comes significant opportunity.

“Since it’s such an intimate medium, it’s a natural fit for a big brand that’s looking to connect with people on a more human level,” she says. “Companies that touch so many industries around the globe, like Microsoft, are ripe with stories.”